Lifewrangling: Decluttering and Organizing
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Too much stuff not enough space Too much stuff, not enough space! When we have the problem of too much stuff and not enough space, it can seem like a good idea to jump straight in to the actual decluttering of the home. I challenge you to put the brakes on for a moment and consider how you got into […] Read more

too much stuff not enough space

Using a Kanban Board to Easily Declutter My Home.

I stumbled upon something recently that has revolutionised the way I manage my to-do list. It’s called a Kanban board and it is the perfect system to compliment any decluttering program like my Clutter-Free Life Membership Community. Table Of ContentsWhat is a Kanban System?The Origins of KanbanWhat are the Key Benefits of Using Kanban?The Basics […] Read more

kanban board kanban card

Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator

Too Much Stuff! You want… more time with your familya quick and easy cleaning routineless time wasted looking for stuffless stressa clutter free space to enjoy You don’t want… missing car keysno time to enjoy your hometo waste time moving things around before you can cleanto turn visitors away because of the clutterthe stress that […] Read more

3 Effective, Easy Tips To Control Clutter

So, you’ve spent many hours getting rid of the clutter in your kitchen, your family room and your bedroom. Well done! This means that you can sit down, put your feet up and never have to worry about clutter again right? Wrong! I’m sorry but unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t […] Read more

Control Clutter with these 3 simple tips #controlclutter #decluttering #cluttercontrol #clutterfree

Achieve More With An Efficient Morning Routine

Many of us find ourselves envious of people who seem to be able to achieve so much more in their day than we could ever dream to do. Often, they manage to do more than seems physically possible. Experts say that they follow simple strategies we can all adopt to allow us to achieve a […] Read more

Creating a good morning routine

Messy House? How to Get Motivated to Declutter!

Just as there are many different people on the world, there are many different motivations. When you are trying to work out how to get motivated to declutter, you need to consider a number of factors specific to you. It doesn’t matter if it works for someone else, if it doesn’t suit your style, you […] Read more

How to get motivated to declutter a messy home

20 Important Spring Cleaning Tasks

Everything is better in the spring! When the sun starts to come up earlier, I find myself jumping out of bed rather than groaning and pressing snooze ‘just one more time’.I suddenly have time in the morning to do things I have been meaning to do for ages such as a spot of exercise or […] Read more

Spring Cleaning. Clean these 20 things simply and easily. #springcleaning

Easy and Fun Ways to Declutter Your Home Once and for All

Having a messy, cluttered house can feel overwhelming, not to mention it’s unhealthy. It can be hard to get your thoughts straight or even decide where to begin, but once you notice it, it’s hard to stop. We have all felt that stress at one time or another, but there are steps that you can […] Read more

Declutter your home

The good and bad of the KonMari method: The life-changing magic of tidying

Whenever someone is investigating the answer to their clutter problem, one book that regularly comes up is ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ by Marie Kondo. Sometimes known as the KonMari method, she certainly has some strong views on what to do and not to do when tidying. This post forms part of my decluttering […] Read more

KonMari method book review

The Super Simple Way to Declutter the Closet

Have you ever gone to your closet and realised that, although it is bulging with clothes, you have nothing to wear? I think this would be a true statement for many women. The issue is not that there are no clothes in the closet, it’s often simply that there is nothing appropriate to wear for […] Read more

Declutter the closet as the first step in decluttering your home #decluttering #minimalism #project333 #clutter #organize #whattothrowaway