Timesaving Trick #4- Clean as you go

Have you ever gotten to the end of a task, stood back to look at the mess you have created along the way and then felt exhausted by the idea of having to clean it all up?

That certainly used to happen to me.  It would happen after I had cooked up a storm in the kitchen, made some sort of craft project in the study or even cleaned out the hall cupboard.  I would work until I was tired without giving any thought to the mountain of dishes I now had to wash, the glitter I had to clean up or the piles of junk I had to get rid of.

There is definitely an easier way.  We can learn a lot from those who work in kitchens for a living.  A few of their simple rules include:

1) Start with a clean workplace.  Before you begin any task, do a thorough de clutter, clean off the surfaces and create some space.  It’s much easier to keep something clean if it has started off that way, otherwise you really are trying to push a barrow uphill.

2) Prepare in advance.  For cooking this might mean measuring out all of the ingredients before you begin.  For a home maintenance job it would mean ensuring you had all of the correct tools to hand before you start.

3) Get rid of rubbish along the way.  Have the bin nearby and put rubbish straight in it rather than letting it pile up around you.  When cleaning out the linen cupboard for example I would have a big bag ready for all of the items I want to discard.  I can then pick it straight up and take it to the car to go in to the charity bin next time I drive past.

4) Clean as you go.  For cooking it means having a nice hot sink of soapy water ready to swish the utensils through.  I even use this idea when I do simple things like change the bin bag.  As soon as I take the full bag out, I replace it with a new bag.  Trust me when I say that no matter how quick you are in getting the bag out to the bin, someone will have slopped a mess of something into the unlined bin while you are gone.  Much easier to have the new bag in place straight away than to have to clean up the mess afterwards.

Follow these simple rules in everything you tackle and never again have a pile of mess to clean away at the end.