12 benefits of exercise that have absolutely nothing to do with losing weight

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Have you ever spent a weekend slopping around in your pyjamas doing absolutely nothing and ended the day feeling completely worn out?  Why is it that when we spend the day sleeping in, laying around on the couch and doing nothing but resting, rather than feeling recharged and energetic we often feel tired and washed out?  We think that we are treating ourselves and relaxing and there is nothing wrong with doing that but what we don’t realise is that we would probably have felt better if we’d gone out and done something physically active instead. There are many benefits of exercise which we often overlook.

Why is this? I believe that at times our only thoughts about exercise is that it is something we must do in order to lose weight. Does this mean then that those who do not need to lose weight do not need to exercise?  Does it mean that if exercise has not resulted in measurable weight loss for someone, that person has received no benefit from the activity?

Well, if we consider the many benefits of exercise which are unrelated to losing weight, we can see that there are positive effects for all of us regardless of weight or body type.

 Benefits of ExerciseBenefits of exercise

So next time you are contemplating spending the day slopping around inside in your pyjamas, stop for a moment and consider whether you might actually feel better if you g0t up, popped on your leggings and went out for a walk instead.

2 thoughts on “12 benefits of exercise that have absolutely nothing to do with losing weight

  1. These are great. I don’t exercise for weight loss and it has not been my focus for some time. I exercise for strength, for the mental benefits, overall health and well-being.

    1. I think that if our focus is purely about what we read on the scale, we are much more likely to get discouraged and give up, which is a real shame.

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