Achieve your dreams and be successful

Achieve your dreams and be successful. Don't wait for everything to be perfect. Just start and create some momentum today.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of family and friendship and an enjoyable New Year full of happiness and laughter. Amongst all of the celebrations, did you make some time to set your goals for 2017? You might have called them resolutions but whatever we call them, it amounts to a desire to improve ourselves and our life for the coming year. I hope that you have read my previous post on setting and working towards goals in order to achieve your dreams. If not, you can read it here.

New Year is a great time to set new goals. The beginning of a new year always represents hope and motivation for improvement. If however, you believe that the beginning of the new year is the only time you can make a resolution and change your life for the better, then you are missing out on many fantastic opportunities. The opportunity to achieve your dreams and be successful can happen at any time and may just be waiting for you to take action.

We recently stayed at a retro bed and breakfast in Florida. It was run by a gorgeous couple (Natalie and Glen) who have only been in the industry for five years. Prior to that he had been a chef and she was an accountant. Many times over the course of the weekend Natalie told me how lucky they had been and how things just seemed to fall into place for them.

What does luck look like?

It all started when Natalie became tired of her son’s messy room and bought an old Airstream caravan. She set this up in the backyard and the son moved in. The initial plan was to allow him to be as messy as he wanted to be and Mum would never need to see it.

What ended up happening was that every time they had guests to the house, the guests expressed a desire to stay in the Airstream rather than the spare room. Natalie saw the potential in this as a side business and started to advertise on Air BnB.

Achieve your dreams and be successful by taking action today. Don't wait until,everything is perfect before you begin. Just begin.

By the time we arrived over the Christmas weekend, eight air streams, three tents, one granny flat and one bedroom in the house were all booked out with paying guests.

Was it luck or action?

Yes, Natalie and Glen may have had just the right things arrive at just the right time but they also had to be willing to grab those opportunities and run with them. When they began the business they had very little money and even less support from family and friends.

They started with just one van and added more as time went on. The tips money from happy guests was first used to buy extra pillows for the vans, then to replace the mattresses and now a new bathroom block is being constructed. Each time a little bit of money came in it went towards improving the accommodation in some way.

Natalie and Glen happily admit that there are still a lot of improvements to be made but they are biting off small things as the funds come along and making the improvements slowly but surely.

What can we learn?

The lesson to be learned from this is at they didn’t wait until everything was perfect before they began. They didn’t wait until they had the money to buy all of the vans, build the bathrooms, replace the mattresses. They started with what they had and improved things as they went along. If they had waited until the timing was just right, Glen would still be working in a restaurant, Natalie would be heading downtown to the office each day and we would have been staying in a motel over Christmas instead of enjoying a lovely relaxing time in great company.

We can all learn a lesson from Natalie and Glen. Many of us wait for things to be perfect before we do something. We wait for all of the stars to align before we start doing that thing we have always dreamed of doing. Sadly for some, that just never happens and those dreams remain unfulfilled.

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Things do not need to be perfect before you begin. Sometimes it’s simply the act of starting that creates the forward motion required and then everything will seem to fall into place.

Get to work and achieve your dreams

So my challenge to you today is to take action on that one thing you have always dreamt of doing. Stop waiting for the stars to align. Do something today that takes you closer to your goal.

Check out my Lifewrangling Goal Setting Template here for a simple yet effective way to begin the road to achieving your goals today.

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  1. For the first time ever I have not made any resolutions for the year – I decided to take each step as it comes but will make sure I put my all into everything I do! Sim x #weekendblogshare

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