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How to holiday when you have no money. Choices you need to make to make your dreams a reality.

It has to be said that we holiday a lot as a family. We take chunks of time out of our busy school and work routines to go and experience different parts of our backyard and the world together. In the last few years we have taken many small trips into the countryside, driven around […] Continue reading

Are you constantly 'busy'? Do you want to slow things down and enjoy life more? Do you want to stop rushing from one event to the next? Try these 2 simple solutions today.

I have noticed lately that being busy seems to have become a status symbol. It's almost a competition to see who has the most hectic life. I have found myself replying 'I'm so busy!' whenever someone asks me how I have been. This statement is often accompanied by a sigh. It's almost the default response now and […] Continue reading

Does thinking about all of the events in the lead up to Christmas cause you stress? Learn how to take care of yourself at this busy time.

This is the time of year when things start to get busy. For the next few weeks in our house we are staring down the barrel at dancing concerts, end of year parties, birthday parties, sports wind ups, school Christmas concerts and family get togethers. There was a time in the early part of the […] Continue reading

Overcome procrastination by following these 4 simple steps in your planner today. Find out how to do it at:http://www.lifewrangling.com/planner-procrastination/ ‎

Sometimes it seems so difficult to find the motivation to do the things we need to do. I am good at being organised and planning my day and I still have to overcome procrastination on many different levels. Usually I procrastinate on something because I think it’s going to take a long time to do. Many […] Continue reading

Feeling guilty

You know what it’s like, it doesn’t matter how many people pay you a compliment, it’s the one negative thing someone has said about you that you will remember and stew over. The same thought process happens automatically when we have an over full to-do list and can’t get to the bottom of it. We […] Continue reading

feeling tired

The last few weeks have been very strange. I have gone from being very energetic and able to get up early, knock off a large number of things before going to work and still having energy left over after a long day, to feeling the exact opposite. I was getting up at the same time […] Continue reading


We all know someone who seems to be able to do more before the sun comes up than many of us manage to fit in to a whole day. We write to do lists  and religiously cross things off but never seem to get to the end of them. We have all sorts of things we […] Continue reading


As the children get older and begin to participate in hobbies and interests of their own it can feel as if the family is being pulled in too many directions. As parents we can find ourselves little more than a taxi service ferrying them from one activity to another. It can be easy to allow […] Continue reading

3 relationship building tips


Maintaining a positive relationship with others can be a tricky thing. We all have those people in our lives who make things more difficult than they really need to be. Perhaps we are even guilty of doing some of these things ourselves. There are however three simple strategies we can put in place to develop […] Continue reading

Self care for busy parents

self care

Here in Australia we are well in to winter and the inevitable flu season that comes with it. I’m not particularly fond of this time of year. It's not because I hate the cold and wind we get in my little part of the world though that’s part of it. (OK, it doesn’t get anywhere […] Continue reading