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The ULTIMATE GUIDE to creating

A Clutter Free and Welcoming Kitchen in 5 days.

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Learn the simple, stress free, effective way to declutter your kitchen and keep it that way.

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How motivated are you? If you’re like most people, your motivation probably ebbs and flows—with the seasons, with the demands of the rest of your life. That’s natural—but falling off the motivation wagon makes it hard to get back on. So how do you keep up your motivation, every day, every month, every year? Group […] Continue reading

I Do Love My Routines, But…

When routines get in the way.

I love a good routine but can there be too much of a good thing? Consider this... As part of managing the family commitments, we have developed a routine for our weekdays. We manage to wrangle all of the activities and appointments, getting everyone where they need to be on time and still managing to […] Continue reading

The importance of scheduling time for self care.

Isn't it funny how we can know something to be true but be completely unable to put it into action? I lived in the country for a number of years and when I returned to the city I needed to find myself a new doctor. I was recommended a particular lady and next time I […] Continue reading

Feeling overwhelmed? How to stop being so busy

I want to tell you a story about time. Some years ago we were sitting at a table in a restaurant waiting for our friend to arrive. He was late. Very late. This was in the time before mobile phones and we had no way of getting in contact with him to find out what […] Continue reading

Decluttering Challenge

30 day decluttering challenge

For the last few days I have been madly filming clips for the soon to begin Decluttering Challenge in The Clutter Free Life Private Facebook Group. In this challenge I not only tell readers what to declutter but I also tackle the reasons behind our clutter issues. I discuss the myths behind why we often […] Continue reading

You must do this one thing if you want to cut the clutter for good.

Have a look around your house. Where are your hotspots? Those places where clutter tends to accumulate for you. When trying to declutter your home it is important to begin in these areas. Why? So that you can see the benefits of all of your hard work as soon as possible. There is really no […] Continue reading

Plastic Free July

So here we are in July already! Don't ask me how it happened. Five minutes ago it was January I'm sure of it. This month, thanks to my environmentally conscious, animal loving thirteen year old, we are participating in 'Plastic Free July'. It doesn't have the same ring to it as Dry July (no alcohol […] Continue reading

Feeling stressed? Simple steps to reduce overwhelm and be more productive today.

Sometimes life gets so busy and so overwhelming that we simply have no idea where to start or what to do next. We feel stressed and rushed. We feel like we are flying from one task to the next without being able to give our full attention to any of them. I know that when […] Continue reading

How I used Stylebook to create dozens of new outfits right from my own wardrobe.

Do you know the feeling of looking in your wardrobe and seeing lots of clothes but having absolutely nothing to wear? I do. I used to own a lot of clothes but when it came down to it, a lot of them simply did not go with anything else in my wardrobe and never saw […] Continue reading

A clutter free home has many benefits including allowing more time to spend with family and friends. Find out the other 5 here.

When we find ourselves in a situation where the need to declutter becomes obvious as soon as we walk through the front door, we can be forgiven for thinking that the benefit of decluttering is just about creating extra space in the room. In reality, there are many more things to be gained from a […] Continue reading